Elnett hairsprays

Way, way back when Jo and Sarah were bee-hived babes, complete with khol-rimmed eyes and nude lips, hairspray was completely indispensable.  Sure our up-dos were stiff as boards and felt like shredded wheat – not for nothing was the category known as hair ‘lacquer’ - but how else would we keep those hair skyscrapers in place? Then came the decades when we left hairspray behind (unless we were doing a picture shoot in a gale).

Now, to our slight astonishment, we are back with the iconic gold tube of Elnett in our handbags.  And other beauty editors are the same, we discovered, when we all had to unpack our hand luggage at Heathrow on a recent trip to the fabulous new Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh.

But there is a big difference.  Technology has advanced to such a blessed degree that hair-sprayed hair not only stays in place, Elnett-ed mops truly do stay soft and glossy and supple.  In short, like hair should.  Even when you brush it out.  Even the Supreme Hold version, (which does just what it says on the tin).  You can also get Normal Strength, and Unfragranced Extra Strength, in a range of different sizes.

So:  hats off to that beauty classic Elnett hair spray and its new sibling, L’Oréal Elnett Satin Heat Styling Spray - which promises ‘a voluminous bouncy blow-dry’ and no flyaways or frizzies for three days.

Gale force winds, we're ready for you.  (Or at least, our hair is.)

UK readers find Elnett hairsprays at www.boots.com/from £3.79 for 200 ml - buy hereElnett Satin Heat Styling Spray/£5.99 for 170 ml - buy here US readers find Elnett hairsprays at www.lorealparisusa.com/$6.99 - buy here