Elle Macpherson The Body Rotating Dry Brush

Elle Macpherson has made a fortune out of her (gorgeous body) - and now she's set to make a fortune out of ours, if this brilliant brush is anything to go by. At Beauty Bible we're great advocates of body brushing, for maintaining skin smoothness but also helping with lymph drainage, to help combat cellulite.  Trouble is, most women can't be a***d to stand there sweeping a brush from toe to head repeatedly, in order to reap the benefits.

This definitely makes that easier:  the rechargeable electric brush rotates, so the whole process is much faster.  One or two sweeps up any particular limb, we've found, are enough to rev up circulation.  (We can really feel the glow afterwards - that's how we know it's working.)  It takes a little while to get the pressure right, but once you've mastered it?  A breeze.  You don't need to keep the gizmo plugged in:  you get 40 minutes use from each charge.

It's an Elle of an invention.

UK readers find Elle Macpherson The Body Rotating Dry Brush at www.amazon.co.uk/£39.95 - buy here