Elle Macpherson The Body Illuminated Mirror

Slightly confusingly-named, this, since obviously you can't SEE your body in it - but it's honestly the best make-up mirror we've ever found. It's from the apparently-flawless Elle Macpherson's range.  And it has us wondering:  maybe she's not really flawless.  Maybe she's just very, very good at applying her make-up, thanks to this...

The mirror lights up, but has a dimmer switch to adjust light intensity.  It's double-sided:  one times magnification on one side, then flip it over for a seven times magnification close-up.  (Do prepare for that - can be a bit of a shock sometimes.)  It's battery operated, so no annoying, tangly cords.  And apparently, the bulb never needs replacing (thanks to an LED technology.)

Just one snag:  it's currently quite chunkily discounted on the only site (Debenhams) where we can find this on-line, and flagged as 'low stock' - which is sometimes a clue that a product's being discontinued.

So if you want to get your paws - and your exquisitely illuminated pores, come to that - on Elle's mirror, better get clicking!

UK readers find Elle Macpherson The Body Illuminated Mirror at www.debenhams.com/£50 - buy here