Win a complete set of complexion-cherishing Elequra skincare

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Sooth, smooth and nourish your complexion with Elequra - we have a complete set of this fabulous skincare to give away, seven products worth £352 in all

Once upon a time in Nairobi, a beautiful young girl called Nausheen Qureshi became fascinated by the indigenous plants that grew in Kenya and the way they were used in daily life to heal all manner of skin conditions.

Later, Nausheen moved to the UK and went to study biochemistry at Imperial College London, a world-renowned scientific institution. Now she was able to marry her love of medicinal plants with an in-depth knowledge of innovative technology to create her unique range of bio-designed facial skincare, which she called Elequra.

‘We source our plants carefully to ensure they have the exact balance of nutrients we want, then use bespoke processes to extract the active ingredients and transform them into a highly concentrated form that your skin can recognise and use,’ she explains. Tamarind Seed Extract, for instance, is a powerful hydrator that Nausheen says is 40 per cent more effective than hyaluronic acid at attracting water molecules to help plump skin.

Elequra consistently impresses consumers, surgeons and scientists, not to mention beauty editors. And Nausheen’s passion for producing the very best products means she’s continually making improvements to Elequra products as new research emerges. Not only that but she has invested in costly independent clinical trials for two of her hero products: Youth Capture Serum and Eye Architecture Cream (both of which we are very impressed by). Unsurprisingly, every one of the 30 testers in each trial saw significant improvements.

We are thrilled that Nausheen is giving Beauty Bible readers the chance to win one sensational prize of a complete set of Elequra Bio-Designed Skincare, worth £352. The very lucky winner will receive the following products:

· Eye Architecture Cream (usually £45 for 30 ml)

· Youth Capture Serum (£82 for 30 ml)

· Intense Restore Mask (£55 for 50 ml)

· Boosting pH Mist (£35 for 50 ml)

· Deep Nourishing Cream (£55 for 50 ml)

· Pure Balancing Cleanser (£34 for 125 ml)

· Complete Replenishing Oil (£46 for 30 ml)

For a chance of winning, simply fill in the form below. But if you would like to know more about Elequra and order the products online, visit

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 31st October 2018