Elemis British Botanicals Shower Cream

Just the latest in a series of new and special products to celebrate Elemis's 25th birthday (my, how time flies!), this is a sublimely-scented body treat: honestly, an English garden in a (generous) tube. Gently cleansing, soothing, very subtly-lathering (don't expect a mass of bubbles - which tend to translate as drying to skin), this features British rosemary, chamomile lavender, with echium (rich in fatty acids)and skin-soothing oats. It's called 'Creamy' for a reason: the texture's like single cream, and is accordingly nourishing.

A true treat for the skin - and the senses - and a little goes a plenty long way.

Keep the birthday innovations coming, we say.

UK readers find Elemis British Botanicals Shower Cream at www.johnlewis.com/£24 for 200 ml