WIN! EAT Balance Box, LOVE every mouthful, PRAY to win this prize draw!

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Two very lucky winners will each receive two weeks of scrumptious food deliveries from Balance Box, sister of The Pure Package, plus a fab hardback recipe book; each prize worth over £375.

Little story: we mentioned this prize draw to a busy foodie girlfriend (Ms. Gill Sinclair of Victoria Health, since you ask).  When she heard that it meant getting all meals and snacks for three or four days, delivered to her door, she was all ears. Then we told her that the menus are planned by nutritional therapists to be perfectly balanced, and prepared by chefs with ethically sourced ingredients of the finest quality possible. Oh, and they are designed to help you lose weight safely if you need to.

Well…there was a kind of strangled yelping sound the other end of the phone. ‘You mean food I would really like? That I don't have to think about? No need to make a list, stand in a queue – or rely on the supermarket sending ripe avocados?’ And at that point, dear readers, she left us hanging - to order immediately ( and

We knew very little about mother-of-four Jennifer Irvine and her gourmet diet food delivery business until Sarah was invited to have lunch with her at her home on the outskirts of London – and almost developed a girl crush.  How many work interviews involve gathering new laid eggs and learning how to poach them perfectly? Then eating them with fresh asparagus and leaves from the kitchen garden… Bliss. (The key to poaching eggs? Very slowly and gently - and never let the eggs know if you’re stressed…’, Jennifer explained in her warm Irish accent.)

The idea for the business came to Jennifer when she saw her husband Stephen and his city colleagues working 14-hour days fuelled by junk food.  From her upbringing on a sustainable farm in the west of Ireland, followed by a stint at Neal’s Yard Dairy in London, Jennifer had always been a foodie. ‘And I like taking care of people so it stemmed from that.’  From its beginnings in her own tiny kitchen, the business is now a huge success, sending out some 10,000 meals a week from its south London HQ. Customers, who include celebrities and elite athletes, clamour for the daily deliveries of three scrumptious meals with two snacks.

Jennifer’s original offering The Pure Package costs from £39.95 daily and is still popular. But to make it more affordable, Jennifer launched Balance Box in 2013, which costs from £22.99 per day for one delivery, available nationwide, with all meals and snacks for three or for four days.

We have two prizes to give away from Balance Box, each consisting of the following:

 • 2 x 3-day box (normally £161.94 in London, £171.84 outside London – delivered on a Friday in London, on Tuesday outside London)

2 x 4-day box (£197.94 in London, £207.84 outside London (delivered on a Monday in London, on a Friday outside London).

• PLUS The Balance Diet by Jennifer Irvine, £20

The total value of each prize is £379.88 in London and £399.88 outside London as delivery charges vary.

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 17th October 2018