Earth Kiss Face Masks

You’re probably familiar with Montagne Jeunesse masks: inexpensive and garishly-packaged skin treats to be found in lots of natural food stores and chemists. Jolly good beauty ‘steals’, actually (and more natural than those sock-you-in-the-eye sachets might suggest) – but not the most sophisticated products around. (Much loved by teenage girls, in our experience.) Realising that they were missing out on a more sophisticated market – yes, that means you and us – the same people have come up with a fab new range of six masks called Earth Kiss, which we’ve been using since this year’s Natural & Organic Products Show.

There are four mud masks and two ‘sheet’ masks, impregnated with clay – an easy, comfy way to deep cleanse skin, without drying tight. The key (common) ingredient is Himalayan Shilajit clay, a renowned ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine, but within the range you’ll also find 85 plant micronutrients.

The sheets are made of eco-friendly (and skin-friendly) bamboo, which clings to your facial curves once laid onto skin; they’re so easy to lift off after 15 minutes (taking any facial ‘gunk’ with). Be warned: lock the bathroom door, as your mummified appearance might scare small children (and partners).

We’ve enjoyed both the Revitalise and Hydrate options – and we like the fact the sachets slip easily into a travel bag, for getaway skin pampering.

UK readers find Earth Kiss 100% Natural Face Masks at£1.99