Dr Organic Snail Gel Hand & Nail Elixir

We were definitely a bit 'ewwwww' about snail gel, at first. But we're big fans of Dr Organic and had to try the new additions to the Snail Gel range (the original Snail Gel Cream became an instant bestseller, such is the buzz about this slightly wacky anti-ageing ingredient). This richly-hydrating elixir leaves hands leaving instantly silky-smooth, and (with its citrussy scent) has become one for the bedside table - an extra age-proofing step in our nightly hand-care routine. (Working on the basis that hands really do give away your age faster than a glance in your passport.) In fact, it was snail farmers in Chile who first discovered the potential for this ingredient: they found their own hands were incredibly soft, while minor cuts and scars healed really quickly.

And certainly, with this, hands are instantly soft (um, not slimy!). The moisturisation definitely lasts till morning (indeed, it promises a '24 Hour Moisture Lock' - but we've never gone that long without washing our paws.)

If you can't yet bring yourself to use Snail Secretion Filtrate on your face, we think this is a great baby step. (Or maybe slither...?)

UK readers find Dr Organic Snail Gel Hand & Nail Elixir at www.hollandandbarrett.co.uk/£14.99 for 50 ml - buy here