Dr.Hauschka Spruce Warming Bath Essence

Brrrrr. We definitely need warming.  So we're very pleased that Dr.Hauschka has launched a limited edition spin on their Spruce Bath Essence, just in time for the northerlies to blow in.

It's wonderfully soothing and (yes) warming, in the tub - lie back and feel your stresses and (tidying-up-the-garden) strains melt clean away:  the spruce is used for improving blood flow to the skin.  But we also like to add a few drops to a bowl of steaming water if we've a sore throat or cough, and use it to clear the air-waves.  (That's also a great technique for scenting a room with this.)

It's limited edition - so be quick.  Or you'll find yourself pining for it...

UK readers find Dr.Hauschka Spruce Warming Bath Essence at www.drhauschka.co.uk/£9 for 30 ml - buy here