Dr.Hauschka Night Serum

Hauschka launches are rare as hen's teeth: this pioneering biodynamic brand doesn't march to the beat of the same drum as the rest of the beauty industry, only launching when there's a real reason to add to the core skincare collection.

Just unveiled, this oil-free formulation is best, we find, layered under moisturiser; slightly heretically, we've never quite embraced the bit of Dr.Hauschka's philosophy which has always advised applying simply breaking open a vial to apply the light liquid of their Renewing Night Conditioner. Their philosophy is that skin should 'breathe' at night, but for drier skins like ours, that isn't the comfiest of approaches.

Key ingredients are apple fruit water, witch hazel and apple flower extract: a blossom-powered combo of lightweight ingredients which 'help the skin rediscover its natural balance'.

To us, skin definitely appears energised, revitalised and (yes) almost 'juicy' in the morning - but as for long-term results...? As ever, we will be turning to our Beauty Bible testers, for their verdicts. What we do know is that Dr.Hauschka's many unswervingly devoted fans will be delighted to have something new to 'play with'. It's been quite a wait.

UK readers find Dr.Hauschka Night Serum at www.drhauschka.co.uk/39 for 25 ml