Dr. Dulcamara's Pots & Potions

We love a bit of vintage-inspired packaging, us - and here's an interesting little brand which has been making hand-crafted bath and body products since 1983, re-introducing the porcelain pots and apothecary-style perfume bottles which were sold by Regency and Victorian pharmacists. What you see here is a choice of the lids for one of their hand creams - and frankly, we rather want the lot. (Great for trinkets, change, etc., once you've finished the hand cream.)

Why 'Dr. Dulcamara'? Apparently he was a character in an opera by Donizetti, famous for his love potions. (And one of the Dr. Dulcamara's ranges is indeed called Elixir of Love, fragranced with seductive ylang ylang). Other collections include Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Orange Flower, Windsor Rose, Violet and Sandalwood.

The products are made in Windsor, and include hand-made soaps, tubes and tins of hand cream, bath salts (we're big fans of bath salts and think they should be more widely enjoyed), lip balms, men's products and more. All reasonably affordable (the gift sets are great value, with Christmas looming) - and we especially alert you to the option of having a 'personalised' porcelain pot of hand cream or shaving cream, with the recipient's name in gold, fired into the lid.

Great idea! Though personally, we're staying with the vintage designs - some of the prettiest we've seen in yonks.

UK readers find Dr. Dulcamara Hand Cream Pots at www.potsandpotions.co.uk/£30 each (the range starts at £5 for a Lip Balm) - buy here