Downton Abbey Beauty Collection

We admit:  we currently live for Sunday nights, as a bunch of card-carrying Downton-lovers.  Now we can wallow in Downton-ness all week long:  clever M&S bagged the license for Downton Abbey cosmetics, and have launched a range of gorgeous goodies – everything from a lip gloss collection to nail varnish (with more to come, according to whispers):  vampy for Lady Rose, pale and ethereal for Lady Mary. The prices are very much targeted at the budget of Anna and Mrs. Patmore rather than their Ladyships.  Ideal for fellow Downton devotees, come Christmas – though do shop early, as we’ve a hunch the limited editions will sell out faster than you can say ‘Watch out for that conniving witch Eve!’

Our favourite is probably the Downton Abbey Bathing Collection, especially the Cream Bath, which silkifies the water (and the skin) beautifully.  (£16 the set.)

Most enjoyable.  Even if you have to run your own taps, as we do.

UK readers find Downton Abbey Beauty Collection at£5-49.50 - buy here