Dior Vernis Haute Couleur Extreme Wear Nail Colour

Dior polishes have always been among the finest in the world. (Fact.) We're longstanding fans, for the glossy, almost glassy finish, the stunning shade range and the durability. But this takes things to a whole new level: a 'gel-like' finish that can be achieved in your own home - still as ultra-shiny, delivering the most professional of results, but more long-lasting than ever. The brush shape's been redesigned specially: a perfect 'squoval' (echoing the shape of a perfect nail), for a truly flawless and even application. And, like a true gel nail, the formula's incredibly chip-resistant.

But oh, what do we love the most...? The incredible shade range of 21 colours, from Rouge 999 - a classic 'Dior' red, reminiscent of the very first Dior lipstick (b. 1949) through to Muguet 108: a pastel white, and Junon 494 (a deep, grey-tinted Parisian sky blue).

This is lacquer both at its most glamorous - and its most durable...

UK readers find Dior Vernis at www.selfridges.com/£18.50 - buy here