Dior One Essential City Defense

Summer’s over, right? The last Bank Holiday is behind us, and have you noticed that the light’s already changed, ever-so-slightly…? (Meanwhile if you’re anything like us your thoughts are already turning to autumn tweed.) So: you can ditch the sunscreen, yup?

Well, nope. There’s still more than enough UV light around to age skin – and we advise an SPF15 on all but the cloudiest, rainiest days. (Even then, if you’re out for long periods of time – and you care about your skin at all – it should be worn whenever you’re outdoors.)

This new Dior multi-tasker is a smart choice for any city-dweller, meanwhile. It not only shields skin at a (much higher) level - SPF50 (plus generous UVA protection against ageing rays) - but it’s works as an ‘invisible shield’ against pollution. (No more worrying about belching buses.)

With the key ingredient red hibiscus (from the Dior gardens), it’s also incredibly light and comfortable to wear: apply it over your moisturiser – and think of it as your personal parasol.

And hopefully (the allure of tweed notwithstanding) we’ll still have plenty more sunny days to bask in.

UK readers find Dior One Essential City Defense at www.johnlewis.com/£41 for 30 ml