Dior Diorskin Star, Diorskin Star Concealer and Diorskin Fluid Foundation Sponge

We are well aware that we've 'loved' a few foundations this autumn - but that's because foundation technology's taken a quantum leap forward, with some real stunners arriving on-counter. (And a nifty new 'accessory', more of which in a mo.

It's all down to 'light'. Light-reflective pigments have probably been around for two decades, now, but they just go on getting better - as the new Diorskin Star proves. To quote Dior's blurb about their 'Light Pulsion Technology' (we don't often do this, but they sum it up rather well): 'Traditional filled spheres that create an undesirable mask-like sheen are updated with new-generation, hollow silica spheres. Loaded with titanium, they reflect two-dimensional light that bestows a translucent brilliance upon the skin.'

Yes, quite. So it looks like your skin, only about a hundred times better, actually, evening out imperfections and pigmentation issues and (in Jo's case) redness. (12 shades available.)

If you need a further touch-up, there's a new concealer that harnesses the same technology (sub-titled 'Light Sculpting Concealer', NB). Only four shades of this, but great for under-eye shadows, in particular.

What's especially genius, though, is this very nifty sponge - not like anything we've ever tried before, but set to convert us from our faithful fondation brushes. It's very soft-touch and 'ergonomic', so it perfectly accesses the contours of the face, especially difficult-to-access areas around the nose, eyes and lips.

It's our new foundation 'squeeze'. Sort of literally.

UK readers find Diorskin Star Fluid FoundationDiorskin Star Concealer and Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation Sponge at www.boots.com/£32 for 30 ml, £22 and £12 - buy here