DHC Washing Powder


No, this isn't something you throw in the Zanussi: you use it on your face. And it works really rather wonderfully. 'Washing powders' have landed here as a whole new beauty category from Japan, where they've long been popular - and we're beginning to see why.

Simply pour a small amount of DHC Washing Powder into the palms of hands and add a little water, watching it 'poof up' into a lightweight foam. Massage into skin (avoid the eyes) for a minute or two, then swish away or remove with a muslin cloth.

The papaya enzymes in the product exfoliate without scratching (papaya 'dissolves' dead cells), leaving skin brighter and fresher-looking. We've no intention of trading our night-time cleanser for this, but it's a brilliant face-waker a couple of mornings a week - and a real pleasure to use, too.

Definitely a Japanese beauty secret worth adopting on this side of the globe, we reckon.

DHC Washing Powder/£11 at www.thisisbeautymart.com