Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt

Eeew. Eeewwww.


Don't be surprised if that's your response to using this exfoliating mitt for the first time.  Used in Japanese and Korean spas, the Dermasuri delivers results way, way more impressive than any scrub that's ever graced our bathroom shelves.  ('Derma', as we know, means skin - but FYI, 'Suri' means 'scrub', in Japanese.)

You use it in upward strokes on damp (ideally post-shower) skin. And watch - OK, maybe a little horrified at this point - as the dead, grey skin cells just roll away. The harder you stroke, the more the gunk. (So do go carefully over, um, sensitive zones.)

Personally, we like to sluice away those dead skin cells by stepping back into the shower. But then what's revealed is touch-me soft, vibrant skin.  Follow with your favourite body lotion, oil or butter for skin like velvet.

Best of all? Good news, lazybones: you only need to do it once a fortnight. (And after you've lost your Dermasuri 'virginity', we promise you'll really looking forward to the whole deep-exfoliating experience.)

UK readers find Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt at£19.95 - buy here