Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer SPF20

Green primers used to be deathly - making you look ghastly (and ghostly). But things have moved on apace, and this neutralises redness (from sensitivity/rosacea/cold) without making you look washed-out.

There's an SPF20 in there, which is useful as spring approaches. And because we're talking Dermalogica here, it goes beyond the cosmetic, with therapeutic powers - working to treat redness, longer-term, with natural botanical extracts of yeast, oat and kernel oil offering immediate calming effects to skins that may be irritated by dehydration, allergens, fragranced skincare, stress or environmental irritants. One specific ingredient, an extract of oat (avena sativa) contains a plant compound known to have anti-redness and anti-irritant properties.

Nothing to add, except that the silicones in the formula deliver a matte look and a velvety finish.

Blushing beauties: one to check out.

UK readers find Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer SPF20 at (or via qualified Dermalogica skincare therapists/0800-591818 for stockists)/£40.40 for 22 ml