Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck and Shoulder Cream

You know how instructions sometimes say 'Apply sparingly'...? Well, pay attention with this.  It's so effective that when Jo gaily unscrewed the lid and applied the cream lavishly (rather than smooth lightly onto skin with the sponge applicator) just before bedtime to 'warm up' after a cold and weary day, it felt like Vesuvius was erupting on her back.

Not entirely unpleasant - but 'deep heat' is absolutely the phrase.  (Note to self:  always put on spectacles and read the pack before trying something new.  Boy, you'd think we'd know that by now...)

It actually smells great, with vanilla and rosemary in the mix taking off the medicinal edge.  And when Jo reapplied next evening - following the aforementioned how-to - it proved really blissful and relaxing, poised to become a standby after long days in the garden.  If you spend a long time at a computer, or play a lot of tennis or squash, we think it would be a great (and affordable) muscle-relaxer to keep handy.

There's a Deep Heat Muscle Bath Soak, too, which we'll report back on.

Though we'll be putting on our specs, first, and following the usage instructions to the letter...

UK readers find Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck and Shoulder Cream at£5.99 for 50g - buy here