Danièle Ryman Massage Oil Candles

Danièle Ryman has been off our radar for a few years - and we couldn't be happier that this leading aromatherapist (one of the most respected in the world, once referred to by The Times as 'the undisputed queen of aromatherapy') is back, with something new. (Actually, she's been quietly working behind the scenes as per normal with airline companies, celebrities and members of quite a few royal families around the globe.) The 'newness' is a collection of six candles which work as body treatments. First, inhale the fab scents; then use them (quite safely) to massage into the body, working wonderfully to relax the muscles. All have natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and nurture skin with cocoa and shea butter and their blend of essential oils - Danièle's absolute area of expertise. Choose from...

Alive - the one to start the day with, or to burn when spirits are flagging, for a hit of lemongrass, rosemary and vetiver. (Much better than hitting the HobNobs.)

Detoxify - a high concentration of essential oils renowned for their ability to eliminate toxins: geranium, frankincense and lemon. It is also, Danièle explains, great for vein conditions (be sure to massage into skin in an upwards direction).

Sleepy - bedtime bliss, this with its French lavender and sweet orange - and the warmth is wonderfully relaxing.

Essential Defence - maybe one to save for winter, with its blend of 13 bacteria-busting oils. (She recommends massaging the face, sinus area and forehead with this, in particular.)

Slender - circulation-boosting pine needles, rose and nutmeg discourage water retention, while peppermint adds a bit of zing; like many practitioners, Danièle believes that stress can alter the way our body functions - and as a result, may prompt storage of unwanted fat.

Unwind - not only will this help tackle stress, she promises, but can prove effective against migraines: French lavender, petitgrain and mandarin essential oils are the key to its relaxing powers.

Danièle? As an aromatherapist, you can't hold a candle to her.

UK readers find Danièle Ryman Massage Oil Candles at www.danieleryman.com/£30 each