Dalit candles

New in at one of our favourite shopping emporia anywhere - the wonderful Flint, in Lewes, East Sussex - are Dalit candles. We write a lot about candles on www.beautybible.com, because there's rarely a moment we don't have one flickering away in the background. But these are a bit special, really.

The 'Dalits', in India, are also known as the untouchables - and opportunities in life for these outcasts are extremely limited: the outlook for education, healthcare and employment is bleak. But these candles offer a fantastic opportunity: they are hand-crafted in the Dharavi slums in Mumbai by skilled Dalit potters, then filled with lavender-scented blended beeswax.

Sales of the Dalit candles directly benefit this community through a charity called Life Association, which has been building and managing schools and children's homes in India for 20 years.

Heidi Francis, Flint's very clever fashion and objet sleuth, is offering three shapes:  Deepti (a miniature vase), Karen (a clay jar) and Pavani, inspired by the chai cups of Mumbai. Each burns for around 26 hours - and offers more than a flicker of hope, for the Dalits...

Available online, below - but honestly, we can't recommend too highly a pilgrimage to Flint itself.

UK readers find Dalit Scented Candles at www.flintcollection.com/£8 each - buy here