Crème de la Mer The Renewal Oil

Crème de la Mer don’t launch products every day (or even every year), so this is really hold-the-front-page stuff. The challenge for Crème’s scientists was to concentrate the special ‘miracle broth’ – the renowned sea-sourced, active ferment which is their signature age-defying ingredient – into an oil. They pulled it off (simply shake a bit before use), creating a really beautifully silky, richly-textured oil which smells deliciously honey-like.

Use it on its own, or layer it under a serum or moisturiser. Personally, we like to layer it OVER a moisturiser because the oil ‘traps’ the moisture in the skin, where it needs it. Or ramp up the nourishment level in your favourite moisturiser (naturally, they’re hoping it’ll be a Crème cream).

Pricy? Yes, this is Crème de la Mer we’re talking about (the skincare equivalent of a Mercedes, if not a Bentley), so the price is a little heart-stopping. But since we know countless devotees of the Crème de la Mer regime (it’s almost a skincare ‘religion’, more than a ritual) we know the oil will soon be making an appearance on quite a few bathroom shelves.

Crème de la Mer The Renewal Oil/£155 for 30 ml at