Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

We’ve literally just been blown away by this. Sometimes, those duh-why-didn’t-anyone-think-of-it-any-more ideas comes along which change the whole beauty game – and this is one of them. If we tell you that the ‘Chief Innovation Officer’ of Cover FX, Victor Casale, was one of the co-founders of MAC, that already speaks volumes. His latest innovation – he’s now at Cover FX – allows you to customise any skincare product to create a foundation, or to subtly change the coverage offered by your current base.

All it takes is a drop or two. We tried, and it works with facial oil, moisturiser, serum (they demo-ed on Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial, Nivea and many other popular daily moisturisers).

Mix the intense pigment into your favourite skin treat, adding a drop (or two or three, depending on the level of coverage you like) - and hey, presto! It’s a foundation! Saves time. Saves another ‘layer’ of product on your skin…

And as if that wasn’t appealing enough, we love that we can ‘tweak’ the shade of a winter foundation with this as we transition to spring, or increase the level of coverage of a favourite base when it’s just not quite ‘enough’. The options for coverage range from a tinted moisturiser almost to ‘camouflage’.

Quite simply: the man’s a genius! But what we would say is: with 25 different shades it’s really important to get colour-matched. At the moment, it’s in Harvey Nichols – but so worth a beauty pilgrimage, we promise.

UK readers find Cover FX Custom Cover Drops at£36 for 15ml