Coco Noir Body Line

At last, at last:  now we can wallow in Chanel's latest fragrance (launched last year), from top-to-toe.  This scent has definitely grown on us since it was first unveiled (at the most lavish fragrance launch in years, in Venice). The Coco Noir bath and body line bathes the senses (and, um, the body) with balmy, spicy aromatic warmth.  (Perfect for the upcoming season, then.)  It opens with a soft floral fruitiness, but It's the base notes in Coco Noir which are so delish:  tonka bean, vanilla, patchouli, frankincense, white musk and sandalwood.

And of course, being Chanel, the packaging is as sexy as the scent itself...

UK readers find Coco Noir Moisturizing Body Lotion and Coco Noir Foaming Shower Gel at selected Chanel stores/£36-42 for 200 ml