Cloon Keen Atelier Candles

Weird name, you might think. But it's Irish.  Cloon Keen is based in gorgeous Galway, where you'll find their shop ('atelier', rather), selling fab artisan fragrances and scented candles.  Their fragrances are highly individual - and beautiful.  And we're thrilled that they're now available on this side of the Irish Sea, at Les Senteurs, where we stumbled about these gorgeous candles.

If you love white flowers, Neroli won't disappoint:  classic orange blossom, swirled with jasmine and lily, but kept fresh with a squeeze of mandarin.

If you're into deep, dark, leathery smells, you'll like Antique Library as much as we do, with its hints of beeswax polish, incense, patchouli, nutmeg and aromatic clary sage and cistus.

But it's Gooseberry Leaf which has everyone asking 'What's that gorgeous fragrance', when climbing the stairs to our office.  It's almost sharp and tangy, with gooseberry, spearmint, mandarin, bergamot - but softened by rose and gardenia.

We're already discovering how long-lasting these very reasonably-priced hand-crafted candles are, too:  created by hand, they promise 60-70 hours' burning time - and having burned Gooseberry Leaf for a few hours with barely a dip in the wax, we can quite believe it.

So:  remember the name Cloon Keen.  It may be a little out of the ordinary - but we predict this is a fragrance house we'll all be hearing more of.

UK readers find Cloon Keen Atelier Candles at£32.50 for 950 g candle - buy here

PS  Some tips on using the candles, from Cloon Atelier.  'The best way to burn one of our candles is to burn it three to four hours at a time. This will ensure that the wax pool will expand and there will be no wasted wax in the candle. We also recommend that the wick is trimmed to 5mm. This will prevent sooting while maintaining an even burn. Finally, because the wicks are made from cotton fibre, they may lean to one side as the candle burns. To counteract this, simply centre the wick with a spent match when the candle has been extinguished and the wax is still liquid.'  Useful stuff.  And now you know.