Clinique Turnaround Revitalising Instant Facial

Those days when your skin looks 'blah'... And you've had enough coffee already. And you're meeting someone you want to look your best for... Well, this mask was designed for those days: from one of Clinique's key anti-ageing ranges, it's a five-minute fix which really does brighten and re-energise skin in exactly that timeframe.

There's no scent (this is hypoallergenic Clinique, after all) - but the texture is lush, yet infused with teeny exfoliating particles. They're imperceptible when the mask is on the skin, but when you massage it in to remove it, the beads buff skin to reveal brighter, fresher, zingier skin - almost faster than you can say 'Paul Daniels'.

UK readers find Clinique Turnaround Revitalising Instant Facial at£35 for 75ml