Clinique Turnaround Oil

We love, love, love facial oils – but we have friends who react badly to the essential oils in facial blends, and can’t go anywhere near them. (Our lovely friend Gill Sinclair from Victoria Health has been hospitalised more than once with a reaction – once, very dramatically, while on holiday in LA.) For many women they’re not a problem – but for anyone who wants the benefits of an oil treatment without the scent or potential irritation, Clinique now has this solution. It’s a really lovely-to-use, silky oil which ‘locks in’ skin’s natural moisture when used at night. (We woke up looking ‘plumped-up’ and radiant, in the very best way.)

For all skin types, it’s said to help refine the texture – and naturally, being Clinique, it’s not only fragrance-free but hypoallergenic, teeted on hundreds of women without a hint of a reaction.

Let alone the need for an ambulance.

UK readers find Clinique Turnaround Oil at£30 for 10ml