Clinique Long Last Glosswear

A long-lasting lip gloss? 'Yeah, right', we thought when Clinique showed this to us.

But you know what? They've cracked it. Not sure how, but this is the very first lip gloss we've ever tried that does indeed stay put - well over an hour or two, as opposed to, oh, about 10 minutes with most of them. (The promise is eight hours, but that only seems to be true if you don't eat. And we do!)

There's a teensy trade-off: it is a bit stickier than some of the blink-and-it's-worn-off glosses that we've used over the years. (And there have been plenty.)

It's really, really comfortable, though - and really beautifully glossy, in a range of 18 sheer shades including the wonderful deep berry-toned Hooked On You.

Lip, lip, hurray!

UK readers find Clinique Long Last Glosswwear at£16 - buy here