Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF45

We're asked so often what can be done to trackle age spots/sun spots. Answer: plenty, as our testers reveal in the line-up of award-winning age spot treatments in The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible. But we always advise that protection is the real key for improving age spots - which means a high SPF: they're more likely to fade if skin is shielded from ongoing sun damage. This small bottle of SPF45 - which offers effective daily UVA/UVB protection - could be slipped into a handbag for patting onto existing age spots during the day. (And we do recommend 'topping up' with any facial sunscreen.) Better still, apply under make-up, too: skin will look instantly more radiant, but not at all chalky - and it's oil-free but non-drying. Last but not least, since there are no chemical sunscreens, it won't irritate skin.

A new essential part of the protection squad for any woman worried about pigmentation, we think.

UK readers find Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF45/£26 for 30 ml at - buy here