Clinique Calyx

Yay!  Yayyyyy!!!!! Calyx has found a new home.  Hearts sunk when this so-fresh green floral - which we think of as 'spring in a bottle' - disappeared with the Prescriptives brand.  Then it popped up again somewhere else in the Lauder empire - but now, here it is at Clinique.  And it ain't going anywhere.

Calyx just doesn't smell like anything else.  Created by legendary 'nose' Sofia Grojsman,it opens with a great whoosh of grapefruit, before introducing the floral elements:  freesia, muguet, rose, jasmine and lily.  It's clean, delicious - and just so uplifting.

After it's been on the skin a while, you get little puffs of woodsiness (a bit of vetiver, sandalwood, plus oakmoss) - but Calyx's real allure is that its lush dewiness keeps it refreshing, from first spritz through till you shower and start over.

So:  welcome home, Calyx.  We're glad to see you back!

UK readers find Calyx at£46 for 50 ml - buy here