Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-up Palette

This is being touted as a 'Christmas' item - but can we suggest you give yourself a gorgeous present and treat yourself to it right now? It's just about one of the most useful palettes we've ever come across: every shade of neutral you could wish for, with various textures ranging from flattering matte through to lightly shimmering (great for a 'pop' of highlight on the lid) and a ker-pow! old gold, which looks just fab on the brow.

The palette itself is - pat on the back, Clarins - recyclable, made of sturdy high-quality laminated cardboard. And if you remove the palette itself, you'll find the perfect 'pencil case' for your brushes. (There's a useful 'tab' to help you remove the palette - we just hate those boxes where you have to half-destroy them, in order to store things inside!)

On which note, it comes with one of those - wooden-handled, double-ended.

On the Clarins website here you can get tips on how to mix and match the shades, for differing looks.

And if you can't justify it for yourself? It'd make a great gift for practically any make-up lover you can think of.

Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-up Palette/£35 at