Clarins Eau Dynamisante Refillable Spray and Splash

The Clarins group (which also owns the Mugler fragrances, including iconic Angel) has always been rather good at refills. We wish the whole fragrance industry followed their lead:  it feels so wasteful, getting to the end of a perfume, simply to toss it in the bin.  (Which we often have to, because the componentry won't come apart from the bottle.)

Hurrah, then, for Clarins Dynamisante:  the spray version of this legendary, uplifting, aromatherapeutic fragrance is now available in a refillable bottle.  Unscrew the pump of the spray, and refill as desired from the big splash bottle.  (Which also means that you can, indeed, recycle each bottle when they've breathed their refreshing last.)  Using the bottle/refill combo uses 24% less water, 17% less C02 - and reduces waste by 20%.

But while it may be greener, the bottle's still that glorious red...!

UK readers find Clarins Eau Dynamisante Refillable Spray and Splash at£30 for 100 ml spray and £37.50 for 200 ml splash - buy here US readers find them at$52 - buy here