ck one Powder Eyeshadows

Gotta love packaging like this. Gotta love the shadows inside the fantastic black-and-white swivel-top compacts, too (which were designed by graphic genius Fabien Baron, BTW).

These new shadows come in a rainbow of shades - though our favourites are at the more universally wearable end of the spectrum (i.e. metallic cream 700 infinite, 720 evolved (a darker taupe/brown), and 710 ambitious:  subtle-but-glorious bronze-y gold.  The glide on beautifully with a finger, if you don't want the faff of  brush, and come in various different finishes.  (Previously, their eyeshadows were only available as quads - and we almost never love all four shades, so buying the whole palette feels wasteful.)

We suggest getting yourself along to a nearby Debenhams (they're exclusive) for some play-time.

That's what autumn (and the new colours and products) is all about, for us.

UK readers find ck one Powder Eyeshadow at£12 - buy here US readers find them at$28 - buy here