Cinq Mondes Sublime Body Balm

Suffering from dry, post-holiday skin...? Want to lavish your body with something exotic, after a day on the beach...?

Just feel like you deserve a treat...?

This super-rich balm - from a Paris spa brand - ticks all those boxes.  An unusual deep pinky-brown in colour, it melts deliciously into skin on application, leaving your body buttery-soft and hydrated.

The skin-caring ingredients include anti-free radical omega 3, and age-proofing omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), so it's great for preventing that lizard-like shedding of skin that's just got back from holidays, we've found.

And the wonderful fragrance - from monoi oil - might just whisk you back there, if you close your eyes...

UK readers find Cinq Mondes Sublime Body Balm/£55 for 200 ml through mail order on 01483 450 830 or from the St Pancras Spa