Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin

With their stiletto-heel lids, these Rouge Louboutin polishes - from the celebrated shoe designer - are walking straight into our lives. 31 shades - 'The Pops' (zinging colours, seen here), 'The Noirs' (deep, dark, sultry, perfect for autumn 2014), and self-explanatory 'The Nudes'. Why 31? Because the classic signature red of the Louboutin sole - so identifiable, when you walk behind anyone in his shoes - is available, too. The polishes themselves are smooth-textured, ultra-glossy, as glam as it gets (and the stiletto's actually very 'hand-friendly', for painting.) Currently, you can find them in a splendid pop-in Selfridges - do sashay by, if you're on Oxford Street (on-line at from 25th August). UK readers find Rouge Louboutin at Selfridges/£36 each at - buy here