Child's Farm bath treats

Remember Matey? What Jo remembers is itching after a Matey bath.  Sure, it was fun - but too drying even as a child, for her skin.

This range, however, bubbles children clean without sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), mineral oils, artificial colours or paragons.  What's more, the fun names - we're LOVING Tame that Mane! and Clean, Calm & Collected (a pre-bedtime soothing bath) - might in themselves entice the most bath-shy child into the tub.

Smells are nice, with organic tangerine, peppermint and sweet orange (plus a hint of strawberry).  And because there's also a slurp of argan oil in every bottle, Child's Farm is kind to all skins and gentle on eczema.

Formulated by mum Joanna Jensen (who - yes - lives on a farm) for her own kids, we also like the idea that Child's Farm will be donating 10% of profits to Riding for the Disabled.

Definitely a more skin-friendly way to bubble children clean, in 2013.

UK readers find Child's Farm at £4.69 for 250 ml each buy here

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