CHI Touch-Screen Hairdryer

This is the iPhone 5 of hairdryers. Gadget-lovers, you'll adore it.

Plenty of features set the CHI Touch-Screen Hairdryer apart.  For a start, the four screen options allow for total drying control.  (Precise temperature and oomph.  That's not a technical term per se, but you probably get the drift.)

It's an infrared 'ceramic dryer' - which is beautyspeak for a technology that reduces static and frizz, for a sleeker finish.  Despite being powered by 1800 watts, it's super-quiet.

We also love the soft-touch rubber finish which makes for easy gripping, and its light weight:  40% less than most hairdryers.

But possibly our favourite feature of all is the 'memory setting':  it automatically switches to the last setting you used.

If Apple's Sir Jony Ive had ever got round to designing a hairdryer, this would definitely be it.  The snag?  It's £150 (exclusive to Beautique, in the UK).

But that's half the price of a set of Bose iPhone speakers - and since when did they dry and style your hair like a dream...?

UK readers find the CHI Touch-Screen Hairdryer at£150 - buy here

US readers find it at$299 - buy here