Chery Lin Bath Salts

Bath salts are instant nostalgia, to us.  Tardis-ed back to childhood, we are, when our mums would allow us a sprinkling of bath salts to make bath-time feel grown-up.  (No doubt with the hidden agenda:  they figured the salts might just help us to nod off better.)

But bath salts are undergoing a bit of a revival - not least because of the therapeutic powers of soaking in mineralised water.

These 100% natural salts come from a Cotswold-based skincare company, with good green credentials and a nose for a good smell.  Chuck a generous quantity of the hand-blended salts in the tub, lie back and let the fragrances waft over you.  Choose from Energising or Revitalising (we're not quite sure what the difference is, there, but hey), Rose and Lavender, Sweet Mint (delish, that) and Sweet Lemon.  Hard to choose, frankly.

They're brilliant for soothing weary muscles.  Post-gardening, post-riding (for Jo and Sarah respectively).  And we've a hunch that bath salts are about to give bath oils a run for their money, not least because it's easier to clean the tub afterwards.

Sometimes our mothers really were right.  Darn it.

UK readers find Chery Lin Bath Salts at£12.90 - 16.30 for 400 ml - buy here