Charlotte Tilbury Multi Miracle Glow

Charlotte Tilbury can't put a foot wrong, in our book. (Just as well, in those heels.) This multi-tasker first got onto our radar in summer, when we used it to make skin - especially legs - look dewy and velvety, in a flash. In fact, she developed it when working on lingerie shoots, as a way to create a flawless finish. (She calls it her 'body-of-an-angel balm'.)

Ee thought that's just what it was: a body balm. But then it came to our attention that Multi Miracle Glow is actually a brilliant, brilliant multi-tasker. With its gel-cream texture, it works brilliantly as a cleansing balm - and as an SOS treatment for dry, parched, even cracked areas of skin. And you can slather it on generously as a super-moisturising mask, too.

The secret ingredients? Arctic cloudberry seed oil, frangipani and cranberry seed oil.

And a massive dollop of Charlotte's magic.

You won't find that on the ingredients list - but try Multi Miracle Glow and you'll know it's there.

UK readers find Charlotte Tilbury Multi Miracle Glow at£45 for 100 ml - buy here