Charlotte Tilbury Brushes

Stay with us here. These brushes are e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e - but not for nothing are they known as 'Charlotte's hands'. Because literally, this is probably the closest you'll get to having international make-up pro Charlotte Tilbury do your make-up. They're all extraordinary - delivering a seamless, and somehow sexy finish (that's Charlotte's signature) - but three in particular stand out.

First, the Bronzer Brush: extra-thick, extra-swooshy, but great for applying bronzer in a way that makes you look truly, naturally sun-kissed.

Next, the Smudger Brush: short and stubby, amazing for applying dark shadow around the eyes. (If you've ever lusted after a smokey eye - and as the most-Googled beauty topic on the internet, we think you have - this is the secret, right here.)

Last - but oh, SO not least - is the Eye Blender Brush, for applying shadow to the lid and socket. It gently builds colour, making history of 'hooded' eyes (with the right shade of taupe), and absolutely no hard edges. What's more, each has a sort of angled stem which makes them sit perfectly in the hand.

It is worth saving for the whole kit, but put your hands over your eyes, flex that credit card and invest - we mean invest - in these, now. They'll literally transform how your make-up looks - and we'd never use that phrase lightly...

UK readers find Charlotte Tilbury Brushes at £18 for the Lip Brush to £50 for the Bronzer Brush - buy here