Charles Worthington Salon at Home Secrets Collection Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer

Admission:  we've had this knocking round the office for a while, but only just put it through its paces. Duh.  Double-duh.  How much time have we wasted, when it could have been silkifying our hair for a few shiny-tressed months...?

A little like Frederic Fekkai's 'overnight' hair product (only, um, about a tenth of the price), this is like a rich serum which dries very quickly, so it's not like you're going to fall asleep with wet hair and get a crick in your neck (like your mother always warned you about).

Next morning, simply rinse out (or in our case, head to the hairdresser for a shampoo and blow-dry).  We're unbelievably impressed with the restored lustre and 'swinginess', and how strong our hair feels.

If you need your hair to look shiny tomorrow, get thee to Boots now - and wake up to a Good Hair Day.

UK readers find Charles Worthington Overnight Hair Healer at£14.99 for 200 ml - buy here