Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer

Every woman who has her hair coloured knows the moment. One day you look in the mirror and think ‘oooh, it’s fine for another week or so’ – then the next day, somehow, those roots have started to jump out at you. Black is bad for most of us but can possibly be excused as Cara-chic. Grey is SO not flattering, particularly for any shade of brunette. (Remember your granny talking about ‘salt-and-pepper’? That’s the nearest description… but she was talking about a wire-haired fox terrier.)

So you rush to book in for a sesh with your colorist only to find – horrors! – they are totally booked up or have gone AWOL, without a with your leave or a by your leave.

That’s when you need Charles’s new hint of a tint in a can, which he developed at the behest of his clients. Shake it vigorously, then again – makes you feel better just doing that. Hold up an offending tress, position the can eight inches or so (20-25cm) away and spray gently around. Repeat until satisfied. (You can fix it with Charles Worthington Style Setter Long Lasting Max Hold Spray, £5.99 for 200 ml .)

You’ll have to do it again the next day, but it buys you oh-so-valuable time during which you look and feel much, much better.

UK readers find Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer/£9.99 in four shades at - buy here