Chantecaille Save the Bees Palette

We regularly feature Chantecaille's seasonal palettes-with-a-cause on Beauty Bible, because we love the work they do to highlight conservation issues such as elephant poaching, or dangers to the marine environment. No environmental cause should be closer to anyone's heart than this, though:  a percentage of sales will go to support bee charities, who are researching into the causes of 'bee colony collapse'.  The dramatic decline in bee numbers not only threatens our fruit harvest - crops like blueberries are 90% dependent on honey bees for pollination, while almonds are totally dependent - but everyday staples like broccoli are affected, too - in all, one third of our foods rely on bees doing their work.  So it's not just farmers' livelihoods which are at risk - but potentially, our whole future.

Oh, but did we tell you how pretty this is, while we were having that rant…?  Because it truly is.  The Nectar colour's a fantastic wake-up blush colour, while the ashy-beige Beehive and the Honey highlighter are also gorgeous.  They all have a gold 'bee' in the centre - very Napoleonic - which is brilliant for brow-bones, or a kiss of shimmer mid-lid. (We're generally not sure about pale blue, but it this is pretty, used with a kiss lighter than the flutter of a bee's wing.)

Can we suggest that if you're looking for a little spring 'splurge', you buzz off down to SpaceNK and check this out?

UK readers find Chantecaille Save the Bees Palette at£72 - buy here