Chantecaille HD Perfecting Powder

Not cheap.  Oooh, no.  But if you’re looking for a powder that doesn’t leave skin chalky but mattifies it to the velvety finish that autumn’s particularly elegant fashions seem to cry out for, you may want to seek out a Chantecaille counter and try this. It’s called ‘HD’ because it’s imperceptible to the naked eye – yet features a ‘luminosity-boosting agent’ to ensure skin appears radiant rather than flat.  It’s really quite ‘lit from within’.

We also love the slightly sculpted feel of the elegant compact.  If you’re feeling really flush, there’s a ‘matching’ kabuki brush (with zebra-striped goat hair, no less), though we find it works perfectly well with our existing powder brushes.

Thereby saving ourselves £60, which is almost the price of the powder itself.

Which surely makes it virtually free.  Or is that just feminine financial reasoning at work…?

UK readers find Chantecaille HD Perfecting Powder at£62 - buy here

US readers find it at$72 for the powder, $69 for the brush – buy here