Chanel Rouge Coco

Is it sad to get a little fluttering heart when you open a package from Chanel? We think not. Especially when the contents are as sensually pleasing as the new Rouge Coco collection of lipsticks, each named after one of the inner circle who got to call Gabrielle Chanel by her nickname, 'Coco': her friends, her lovers, her muses...

So there's Misia, after artist's muse and influencer Misia Sert. Dimitri - after her lover the Russian Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovic. Arthur, for 'Boy' Capel, another of Chanel's dashing paramours. 29 gorgeous shades in all, spanning creamy nudes to vibrant scarlets and sensual plums - from which our make-up artist friend Kay Montano picked out 'Suzanne', for Jo, a deep rosewood.

It's the texture we're really taken with, though: rich, creamy, hydrating, as comfortable as a lipstick gets (and none of that dryness sometimes associated with such a highly-pigmented product). In fact, the Rouge Coco formula has been entirely reworked by Chanel's research labs, which studied the sensory and even 'emotional' characteristics, when coming up with the lipstick.

The sheer-yet-pigmented formula makes it easy to build coverage, from a shiny stain to a truly bold look.

And this case, the so-thrilling, entwined 'CC' on the iconic packaging could stand for 'creamy comfort', as well as Coco Chanel.

UK readers find Chanel Rouge Coco at£25