Chanel No.5 Bodycare

What can we add to the legend that is Chanel No. 5...?  Except to say:  now we've even more ways to fall in love with the world's most famous, bestselling fragrance:  Chanel has launched sublimely desirable limited edition bodycare treats in time for Christmas which make perfect gifts for any No. 5 lover.  (If you can bear to part with them.  Which is certainly our challenge...!)  The No. 5 Intense Bath Oil is probably the most extravagantly gorgeous wallow anywhere on the planet.  The Hair Mist is a sensational new way to wear No. 5 (hair holds fragrance far longer than skin does).  And the No. 5 Bath Soap is the most exquisite, fine-milled soap any perfumista could wish for:  simply having the bar open, in the bathroom, pumps out the scent.  Fabuleux! UK readers find Chanel No. 5 Bodycare at Chanel stores or call 02074933836 for stockists/from £21 for the Bath Soap to £65 for 250 ml Bath Oil