Chanel Nail Enamel (in Bel-Argus and Azuré)

'You've got mermaid toes'. There are worse things to hear from a beloved 11-year-old, somewhat awestruck at the shimmering turquoise on one's toes.

Of course, Chanel have been nailing it with polish colours ever since Rouge Noir kickstarted the whole manicure frenzy.  (And it did, it truly did:  we remember only too well that before that vampish shade debuted, the most daring nails ever got was scarlet.)

We're hard-pressed to choose between this season's offerings, though:  the stunning aqua Azuré, or its sister shade, Bel-Argus, a glorious bright glimmering blue.  Both have that depth of colour you'd expect from a shiny new car.  (And we like nails with a touch of shiny-new-car to them.)

In fact, these glorious just-for-one-summer shades make us kind of sorry for mermaids - because they don't actually have toes to paint...

UK readers find Chanel Nail Enamel (in Bel-Argus and Azuré) at£18 - buy here US readers find them at$26