Chanel Les Exclusifs Fresh Body Cream

Did you know that applying any body cream before a fragrance will give the volatile ingredients something to 'cling' to, and prolong the staying power of your perfume?  The only challenge, of course, is that unless you 'layer' the bodycare that matches your chosen fragrance, it can clash.  Not this, though:  it's been formulated to 'flatter' any fragrance in Chanel's posh Les Exclusifs Collection.  (So:  we'll be wearing it with Sycomore, 31 Rue Cambon and Coromandel.)  In itself, it's fabulously skin-quenching (and slightly, fresh-scented) - and would almost certainly 'flatter' any scent you put on top.  (But we didn't tell you that...!)

UK readers find Chanel Les Exclusifs Fresh Body Cream/£75 for 150 g at Chanel Les Exclusifs counters only - for stockists call 0207 493 3836 US readers find it at$130 for 150 g - buy here