Chanel Les Beiges

Something rather wonderful is happening outside. Subtly, the light's changing.  Which means two things.  First, your windows suddenly look filthy and demand cleaning.  And secondly, a complexion which has looked just fine under a matte, ivory foundation is suddenly looking a touch washed-out, and crying out for a whisper of sunkissed colour.

Enter Chanel Les Beiges:  a glorious, light-as-air face powder which adds that welcome kiss of bronze colour - but absolutely no shimmer at all.  (Because glimmer is fine in summer, but not yet.)

It's the creation of Chanel's in-house make-up guru Peter Phillips, who's broken with packaging tradition for this - and packaged it in an appropriately beige compact (another of Chanel's signature colours, of course).

It really does make skin glow healthily in a flash, and adds a touch of sun protection while it's at it (the powder equates to an SPF15).  It's available in six shades - from fair to darkish - so choose the one that's just a touch deeper than your current skintone.

So:  something rather wonderful is happening indoors, too.  Inside our make-up bags...

UK readers find Chanel Les Beiges at£38 - buy here

PS  For the first time, Chanel is using Gisele - that Brazilian beauty - as the 'face' of this, so the ads are accordingly decorative.