Chanel Les 4 Ombres

The most coveted eye palette we’ve ever known just got a little bit of a makeover. Show us a woman who doesn’t lust after a Chanel 4 Ombres, and we’ll show you… well, someone who’s living in a cave, probably.

So:  still four stunning shades in one palette.  Still one of the best mirrors around, in the lid, which allows you to see your whole face when applying eyeshadow (so important:  it’s easy to overdo it when you can’t see how it relates to your blusher or foundation).

Inspired by the different shades of tweed used in Chanel’s suits and jackets – all of which can be blended seamlessly – these long-lasting powder shadows also have a new, silkier-than-ever texture.  (We still recommend applying them with regular eyeshadow brushes rather than the little applicators, which seem to make a break for it whenever we open our own palettes – but maybe we’re just careless…)

There are 1,000 possible shade permutations, via the eight palettes - even though it might take a lottery win to indulge in every one of those…

But a beauty-lover can dream, can’t she?

 UK readers find Chanel Les 4 Ombres at£40 – buy here